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Thanks for your interest in writing for HomeFitnessMastery.com! Please read the Terms and Conditions below so you know what’s expected before you submit.


In Your Own Words: We love original content. There’s no problem if you want to quote or share information from another source (i.e. blog, site, book, app); however, give credit where it’s due. Please do not plagiarize or your content will not be posted. (and yes, we have software that checks for us… 😉

The Tone Of Your Content: Be genuine, honest, and sincere. Write in the same way you would like to read content, in a manner that sounds like it’s from an old friend.

What You Should Talk About: We accept a multitude of topics including self-development, motivation, business, recipes, finance.  However, please be sure that they can be tied back in some way to the health and fitness perspective.  (i.e. – If you’re writing a article about finances, tie it back to how smart budgeting can help the reader when buying food for meal prep… or something along those lines).

Expectations: Nobody values a bunch of non-sense, or bitchin and complaining. Not that we’re opposed to opinionated articles by any means; however, readers want something that will bring value, or gives well thought out opinions that’s backed by support. Writing something that just bashes a product, or even recommends a product, needs to be supported by evidence.

In essence, we want only highly quality writing to be published on HomeFitnessMastery.com. We’d recommend acquainting yourself with other blog posts to get a feeling for what’s acceptable. Grammar, content, and spelling are all highly taken into account. If you feel you struggle in this area, it’s advised that you have someone read over it before submitting.

Finally, you must KNOW YOUR STUFF in order to be a writer to Home Fitness Mastery. If you’re doing an article on protein for example, be sure this is something you’ve researched and can be backed up.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): While SEO optimizing your blog post certainly helps, it is not required. However, should you chose to optimize it, please do not keyword stuff or “over” optimize as it may compromise quality. The focus is the readers, not Google, Bing, or YouTube.

Word Count:  All posts written for HomeFitnessMastery.com must be at a minimum of 1,000 words.

Spread The Word:  We’re all about sharing the love. After we publish your post, we highly recommend sharing it on your social media channels, and we’ll do the same. We love seeing our readers get excited over content that you produce, and your hard work does not go unnoticed. Keep sharing awesome blogs, and we’ll be sure to get your content on the front page of our site from time to time!

Congrats, You’re Approved!:  As there’s no financial compensation to our writers, we’re more than happy to add links back to your site and social media channels. Be sure to include these in your biography. Your bio should be 5 sentences max, posted at the end of your article with your photo if possible (300×300). We allow a max of 2 links back to promote your products and services.

ETA: We take pride in working one on one with each of our bloggers. However, due to increasing volume, we may not always have the time to reach back on an individual basis. Don’t worry! So long as you’ve met all the criteria listed above, we promise to get you on the list of exciting content soon to be published on HomeFitnessMastery.com.

Before You Submit: By submitting your article, you understand and agree that our editing team has full discretion to edit and adjust your blog post/title as needed. Additionally, we have the right to decline any article that does not meet our standards as listed above.


Writing for Home Fitness Mastery has a ton of benefits:

  • Positively influence readers
  • Change the lives of others
  • Connect with readers from around the globe
  • Great for generating quality backlinks to your site (excellent for SEO)
  • Promotion of your products and services
  • Excellent writing practice
  • Gives you a platform to share your own content
  • Our editors will give your blog post attention-grabbing headlines to help promote your awesome content
  • Your content will also get featured on our weekly newsletters and social media channels


  1. Find what motivates and inspires you? Speaking about a subject is so much easier when you’re passionate and knowledgeable about it. Think about topics you’ve had questions on, do some research, and write down what you’ve found. Chances are, if you found the information helpful, so will others.
  2. Get to the point. Filler words and mumbo-jumbo just to meet the 1,000 word limit doesn’t do anybody any good. Sometimes 5 sentences can easily be combined into just 1 that gets the point across in a clear and concise manner. The easier it is to read before you submit, the more likely it will get approved.
  3. What kind of value does your post bring? We are focused on high-quality content in all areas of Home Fitness, and our blog is no exception. If possible, use other blog posts from HomeFitnessMastery.com in your blog so readers continually have new, valuable content to check out. You can use the search function in the upper right hand corner to find what you’re looking for.
  4. What action should my reader take? Informative blog posts are great, but ultimately we want the reader to take action immediately after reading it. For example, if we post 3 easy ways to eat more protein, but just talk about protein with no recommendations on “how to” do so, then we’re doing the reader a disservice. Be sure to go the extra mile. Include the reasons “why” they should take action and steps on “how to” do them.
  5. Source, source, source. As we mentioned before, plagiarizing will not be tolerated. If you’re gathering information from an article or journal that you read, be sure to include the entire source so readers can link back for additional information.


  • Is anything plagiarized? (If so, rewrite it and/or cite your source)
  • Will readers find your post helpful, informative, motivational, inspirational, and fun?
  • Does your post align with the core values and mission of HomeFitnessMastery.com?
  • If you’re already submitted your article, have you checked to see if your post has already appeared?
  • How attention grabbing is your headline?
  • Do you have a photo that you’d like to use with your post? (must be landscape, 700 pixels wide) Also, be sure that you have the right’s to this photo. Do not just grab it from Google and call it yours. You must give credit to where the photo came from!
  • Has your post been optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


  • IMPORTANT – Do not just insert your blog post and headline in the body of the email. Both the post and headline should be written in a Word Document (97-2003) and added to this email as an attachment.
  • Your biography. Again, this should be 5 sentences max, posted at the end of your article. We allow a max of 2 links back to promote your social media, products and services.
  • Your photo to be added to your blog post (300×300).
  • A professional stock photo to that you’d like to use with your post (must be landscape, 700 pixels wide). REMEMBER – Be sure that you have the right’s to this photo. Do not just grab it from Google and call it yours. You must give credit to where the photo came from!

Please include all of this in one email and submit to Support@HomeFitnessMastery.com.


The Home Fitness Mastery Support Team

We look forward to reading your post!