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calorie calculatorEach Beachbody Fitness Program comes with a nutrition guide.  It requires you to do some math to calculate your caloric needs which can be time consuming and confusing.

Now you can use the Calorie Calculator to perform all the math for you!

Just plug in your weight, calorie deficit/surplus, and let the formula do the rest.  🙂

This seems to be a very accurate starting point for most.  As you continue in your fitness journey and your body begins to change, you may need to modify this number to your own personal preferences.


STEP 1: Enter your current weight

STEP 2: Enter your desired goal (if you chose Maintain then skip Step 3)

STEP 3: Input your calorie deficit/surplus you’d like

*** Note – About 3500 calories equals one pound of body weight.  So, if you run a deficit of 600 calories a day over one week (assuming you workout 6 days), then theoretically you’d lose 1 pound.***

  • Lean Out (Hardcore) – If you’re really trying to cut and shred the fat (30lbs and above), you will want to pick a deficit up to 1,000 per day.
    • **Don’t use a calorie deficit that’s more than 1,000 calories a day.  If you go too long on too few calories, you lack the nutrients to properly recover from your workouts.  This can lead to any number of issues, including injury or a results plateau.  Remember that this is about sustainable results over a long period of time**
  • Lean Out (Basic) – If you are close to your ideal weight (10-20 lbs), then a 600 calorie deficit will allow you to probably meet that goal with its 1 lb/week fat loss.
  • Maintain – If you’re right where you want to be in weight but are just looking to tone up and stay fit, select your goal as “Maintain” and you’re good to go!
  • Gain Size – If you struggle to put on weight and want to gain some mass, you’ll want to factor in a surplus to your daily caloric intake.  The general rule of thumb is to add a 600-1000 calorie surplus to achieve your goal.
    • **If after 90 days you still don’t feel like you’re gaining the size you desire, up your intake and try again for another round of your fitness program.**
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Now you have your daily calorie target for your weight, your deficit/surplus, and macro percentage/gram breakdown !  An average workout burn is already figured in, so don’t eat any extra workout calories (that would be double eating those calories).

Pretty sweet huh? From here, take the goal from the calorie calculator over to MyFitnessPal.com.  Set up your custom goals and Fat Shredder percentages (Click here for more on MFP). Then watch the results go through the roof!

*The P90X2 formula in the Calorie Calculator takes your weight multiplied by 10 for your Resting Metabolic Rate, adds 20% for average daily activity, and another 600 calories for any average workout burn.  The deficit/surplus is then subtracted from/added to that sum.*