teamRIPPED’s Perfection Crew for Fall 2015

teamRIPPED’s Perfection Crew for Fall 2015

teamRIPPED’s Perfection Crew for Fall 2015


perfectionWhat would happen if you tried to complete a Beachbody PERFECTLY?!?…  Kind of a scary question when you think about it!  Thoughts of “what if I can’t do it,” or “that’s just too hard,” are generally the comments that enter most people’s minds.  However, let’s break this down and look at this challenge from a positive perspective contrary to the normal moaning and groaning.

What does being perfect mean?  As you know, some are as short as a 3 day reset.  Others are 21 days, some 30 days, some 60, and others 90.  Now let’s compare this to construction of a building.  Some buildings and skyscrapers take months or even years to complete; and when they’re finished, before you stands a work of art crafted by hours and hours of human and machine labor.  But how was this accomplished?  Certainly not by people who whined about how long it would take, but rather by people who were dedicated and stuck to the blueprint.  Your workouts are no different!

When you purchase a program, before you is a blueprint that’s laid out with a specific set of instructions.  First do this, then do this, then this, etc.  It’s easy enough to read and comprehend – you just need to be willing and want to invest the time to understand what must be done —> AND THEN DO IT <—  Notice that this is in bold, CAPS, red, and underlined because it’s the part where most people fail epicly.  If we would just commit to doing what the program says to do, then we would all be getting jaw dropping, awesome results.  However, many of us decide to give up half way through, or don’t even take the first step on the journey to success.

I promise you that the first step is always the most challenging.  What you’ll come to realize however is that once you cross a certain line, it’s WAY easier to keep going rather than stop and begin all over.

That being said, my coach Wayne Wyatt launched a Challenge about a year ago titled the “Perfection Crew” (PC).  Many started and many failed, but those who stuck with it got amazing results.  At the time I was still in school and was not mentally prepared to take on a Challenge.  About 3 months ago, he launched another PC Challenge to which I decided and commit to accomplishing.  The details were as follows:

  1. 90 days – 9/14 to 12/13
  2. No missed workouts
  3. Track your food each day (to within +/-100 calories of your goal)
  4. POST IN OUR GOOGLE FORM each day telling what you did and your calories/macros
  5. Get teamRIPPED HOF (Hall of Fame) worthy results!

Miss any of the above and you’re automatically kicked out of the group.  If you over or under shot your calories, you were kicked out.  If you didn’t log your workout, you were kicked out.  If you didn’t post on the Google Doc… you guessed it… –> YOU WERE KICKED OUT!!  Starting with close to 200 people, we’re graduating with roughly 20.  Sounds a bit harsh I’m sure, but being held accountable and getting pushed outside of your comfort zone is what a Challenge is all about.

Let’s go back to our example of constructing a building.  Imagine you were in charge of how the concrete was poured, but you decided that it would take too long and skipped a few steps.  In turn, the building collapsed and caused a massive lawsuit.  Would you not expect your boss to fire you??  It was your job to follow a blueprint that would achieve certain results, but because you slacked off, your actions have misguided the project into total ruin.  Similar to our workouts, it’s easy to want to slack off and cheat here and there, but then we wonder why we don’t get the results we want.

It’s a very simple concept.  Not easy, but simple!  You follow the nutrition plan and you workout the way they tell you.  The difficulty in this is the small consistent efforts that must be put forth everyday to create the body of your dreams.

Below are my progress photos from Day 0 to Day 90.  Mentally it’s not an easy path, but one that’s totally worth it if you’re willing to put in the effort!

2015_09_14 through 2015_12_12 Perfection Crew Side Shot 556x250


2015_09_14 through 2015_12_12 Perfection Crew Front Shot 556x250

Coach Brendan I am Certified Professional Coach and Entrepreneur with a passion for helping others master their health and fitness at home. Home Fitness Mastery is a way for me to lead by example to show you what's really possible when you combine the right mindset with world class, home fitness based programs like P90X to help you get amazing results in your life. READ MORE


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