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Best Underwear For Working Out

Men, are you wearing the right kind of underwear to workout in? What kind of underwear do you normally wear when you workout?  I know when I first started my fitness journey, I had no idea what kind of underwear was best.  I was lucky to even be doing the exercise right, never mind the […]

5 Little Things To Keep You Motivated

Why is motivation so hard to get sometimes?  Where does motivation come from?  What is motivation in the first place?  Webster’s defines it as “a force or influence that causes someone to do something.”  The challenging part of that is, if there’s no one around you to be that force or influence, then how do […]

You’re Done, What’s Next?

So you’ve just completed a Challenge Group, AWESOME JOB!!  Or perhaps you’re just about to start your journey, in which case, completed or not, will eventually come to an end.  Either way, the question of what’s next and where do I go is inevitable.  The way our Challenges are designed is to have an official start […]

The Little Voice In Your Head

How many times do we say, “Yes, I’m ready, let’s do it!”, only to second guess ourselves when the time finally arrives to get it done?  Why is it so easy to be so fired up one minute and torn between our decision to change the next?  It’s like the will power is there, but then for […]

Calorie Calculator

Upon getting a new Beachbody fitness program (i.e. P90X2, Insanity, or Body Beast), you’re given a fitness and nutrition guide.  In my opinion, the nutrition guide seems a little daunting, especially when trying to calculate your daily caloric intake.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just plug in your weight, calorie deficit/surplus, and let the formula do […]

Meal Prep Services

Let’s face it, eating “healthy” can be the biggest pain the a**.  Truth be told, it’s way easier to grab some type of processed burger to satisfy your tummy.  And why wouldn’t you… It’s fast, it’s cheap, it’s delicious, and it’s relatively filling.  The idea of having a “healthy” meal over, say a Whopper from Burger […]