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The Power of Challenge Groups

Today, January 31, 2016, marks the end of our FREE 21-day Squat Challenge.  Jess and I love seeing the results that these Challengers accomplished.  While these three weeks were not easy, they were definitely worth it! We always like to get feedback after our Challenges are complete.  This helps to improve our groups going forward […]

You’re Done, What’s Next?

So you’ve just completed a Challenge Group, AWESOME JOB!!  Or perhaps you’re just about to start your journey, in which case, completed or not, will eventually come to an end.  Either way, the question of what’s next and where do I go is inevitable.  The way our Challenges are designed is to have an official start […]

Clean Eat December Challenge

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the time is finally here!  I want to welcome all of you to the CLEAN EAT DECEMBER Challenge Group. THE GOAL: To recap, this is a 31-day FREE Challenge starting Tuesday, 12/1/15, through Thursday, 12/31/15.  Simply track what you eat for 31 days using the app MyFitnessPal (MFP) (Download Here –> […]